Monday, August 9, 2010

Spiderweb quilt progress

I've got only 2 more rows of six before this quilt (my biggest yet) is pieced. Kind of exciting! I'm making it full sized... Which is not the size of any bed we have, but seemed a fun size to cuddle under or lay on at the park. I've had so much fun making this.
The pattern itself calls for a lot of waste, so I redesigned it a little (with a lot of math and an old phonebook for paper piecing) and was able to use almost every single piece of waste I made. (yay)
The quilt itself is pretty obnoxious, but around here, it fits our world-view and we all love it.
The kids asked if they could pose on it, so I figured that they were good for demonstrating scale.
Almost there! (then all I have to do is pin it and quilt it and bind it. Hmmm. Let's not talk about that yet)

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Christy T. said...

Looks good!
I was just on my hand and knees sandwiching and pinning Cade's quilt, and thinking, I can't do this with the extra 30 pounds on my knees and this hardwood floor. But I prevailed... and now I need to get to sewing and binding...
I.... must..... finish....



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