Friday, August 27, 2010

More quilting bee blocks

I love my quilting bee. Don't i say that every month? I love the challenges that the "homework" presents and I love using my brain to make things I wasn't going to make otherwise.
Last night's task was to help Melissa make her pretty red and aqua baby quilt for her new baby. She specified that we should make 2 squares, both 14" and one of them needed to have circles. The other could be a favorite of ours...
Such wide open directions! I thought and thought. Because I've wanted to make some of those freezer paper circles that I've seen (but not attempted yet)... But I've also had these two raw edge circle patterns that I wanted to try... So in the end, I improvised. I practiced with my funny green and yellow throwaway fabrics and made a weird (but i like it) square with raw edge bubbles over a log-cabin-esque type background. Okay, but not quite tight enough for me to send out. So I just went for it. And made up this weird spectrum with a spinning wheel on it. I actually really like it. The end result is quite modern (not very "me", but I may want to pursue the idea further as a creative project, because a whole quilt of this would be cool)
I'd gotten an email from Melissa earlier in the week saying she was concerned that she'd not sent us enough fabric for our squares, and after my spectrum spinner square, well... There wasn't much left. When faced with that, i decided to make a Wonky Square for my other block because it's so much fun to make and also the best use of random scraps I know.

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Melissa said...

Yay! They came in the mail Saturday, and I am SO VERY EXCITED!!!
Thank you, both blocks, and the cards are beautiful. :o)
Sprout doesn't have enough peachfuzz hair yet for the bow, but I did put it on her older sister, Mookie...who pulled it out about 8 seconds later. :o) Wasn't in a bow mood, I guess. So I put it in my hair, and she pulled it out again. Still not in a bow mood. :O)
Thanks for everything!!



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