Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vintage Corelle

I was taught growing up to not like Corelle. My mom has a funny lip curl she does when she doesn't like something and Corelle dishes are one of those things deemed worthy of a lip curl.
Still, as I thought about the cute, but very PLASTIC and not so healthy melamine plates we were using for the kids, I knew I didn't want to use them for long. And even though i have to handwash everything, and never microwave plastic, i eventually found the melamine flaking one day and threw out the whole lot.
I went onto eBay that night and bought a bunch of different vintage Corelle dishes in different "clashing" patterns (um, they're from the 70s, everything was brown, orange and yellow... They all match)
Corelle is great. The kids can drop it and it doesn't break like my nice dishes do. You can microwave it, cook it, freeze it and even lose it (it's cheap). And hey... It's got that vintage flair, which I happen to think is nothing to snarl at.... (mom).
... My patterns shown are Indian Summer and Butterfly Gold ...


Alison Marie said...

I grew up eating off Corelle! My grandparents had Butterfly Gold. Ours was a simple brown outline of flowers and butterflies around the edges. Years later, my mom went back to the Corelle because the heavy stoneware dishes she had were too heavy for her wrists. So it's good for young AND old!

libbydibby said...

I hear you. Sooooo much easier to wash when I have to wash everything by hand...

And yes, my mom saw this post and wrote to me:
"Harumph!!!  Snarl (lip curl). ;-)"

KFell said...

oh my gosh - I just had a total flashback when I saw that butterfly one mom had those exact plates when I was growing up!



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