Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free fabric giveaway ~ shipment 1

Here goes the first shipment... Many more still waiting to be
posted... You are having fun with this! I'm so happy!


Catherine said...

so fun! My kids called dibs on the scraps that I got from you earlier in the year. Sadly they've not yet been made into doll clothes. But I'm newly inspired!

libbydibby said...

Nice to see you here again, catherine! It's been a while...
Would you like a copy of the pattern I used for the Design Director's baby doll dress last summer? It looks a little like the a-line dresses she wears... And it's super easy to make.

Anonymous said...

Tsscrapin has left a new comment

I am so glad I found your esty store. I just ordered my scraps. wish I could order more. I cant wait to get them. I am making wallet/clutch purses for my steering team gifts for our MOPS group. I hope they like them and I get them all done in time....with me luck.

libbydibby said...

TSscrapin -

what a great idea!
I've been making wallets for myself all week and hadn't thought of them as gifts for MOPS steering...
We're in that season of year, where I was trying to figure out WHAT i was going to give the rest of the team! (thanks for the idea back!)



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