Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Now that Christmas is over

Lest you think I'm not into sewing anymore... Tonight the sewing machines came out again. Believe it or not, J has been telling me I should get back to sewing, knowing I do so much better with that outlet. But sewing was sadly on the back burner this past month as I cranked through all my other Christmas crafts/gifts. And tonight's inspiration came from the fact that I gave my only French press cozy to my mom on Christmas day, as we discussed how the only bummer about FP coffee is it's rapid temperature decline. I switched into sales mode right there, "but Mom, you have to try my French press cozy! Combined with my tea cozy, it keeps my coffee hot
as long as I need to until my next cup! Here, have mine!" (mild objections from J in the background...) uh oh. Now I need to make one for us again.
So there's nothing like the threat of cold coffee to get a gal motivated. And out popped a few French press cozies... Oh, and then I needed a covering cozy that didn't say "TEA" on it... So now I've got a new match set in this awesome green "nest" print by Moda. (I've been saving this fabric for something for months. I'm thrilled to find a use for it where I get to enjoy it daily)
So now that Mom has my wraparound cozy, maybe she needs a covering cozy too, to complete the set? And since Dad drinks tea and Mom drinks coffee... Well what word works for both? (smile) "HOT"
I love it.
Mom, look what you get when we come to your place tomorrow!

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