Thursday, December 3, 2009

Don't Forget Unique LA

Tonight is all pre-show prep around here. Though, I have to confess, this time of year, my living room stays stocked with boxes that leave the house every few days until my last show (Which is this one, this weekend) before they get put back in storage...

Tonight, I had the most fun making my booth partner a sign to match my own Libby Dibby sign - I can't wait to show you.... Amy, from Mazie Kane, is really a great friend of mine and has recently launched her business. She's the one who pushed me to apply to Unique LA with her. I'm looking forward to spending the two days with her and I'm looking forward to the awesome shopping and meeting the other vendors. I always make new crafty friends at these things... (I can think of a bunch of you, who are readers now that are my best prizes from my many events over the years... you know who you are!)

Those of you who are local, I hope you can come to the event - it's going to be great. There are over 300 vendors - all juried to get in, so you know it's good stuff. And the entry fee gets you a goodie bag and a free drink coupon, too... (Plus, I still have a few free tix left, just ask!)

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