Saturday, October 3, 2009

Leaf rubbing garland

I was inspired again by to make these great garlands with The Design Director's kindergarten class (see the post here). We tried the newspaper, but the kids had a hard time not tearing it up... And we ended up using white paper. Some of the kids really took to this and the teacher told me she had a real "aha" moment when one of the more rambunctious kids in the class really connected with this
craft... She'd not seem him sit still in the first 3 weeks of kindergarten, and suddenly he spent an hour making leaf rubbings, cutting them out and running them over to me. (I found that SO
exciting!). I've committed to come to class bi-weekly (maybe even weekly) to do art with the kids. Visiting for Mimi's birthday, I was told again and again how much they'd loved the craft and having the garland up in the room.



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