Saturday, September 12, 2009

Fancy day

What a day! We borrowed J's parents' convertible and went to a wedding in Malibu in the morning. We got to visit our wedding site where we got married 9 years ago... Then up mulholland drive to the wedding site, and then we took PCH down to go home to change clothes for the Emmys. As we drove up to the Nokia Theatre in dowtown and looked at all the limos, j said "I'd rather get a bounce house than ride in that for an hour" (still, we are glad to not be driving the minivan today. Thanks, D&N!)


Tori Higa said...

how fun! you guys look like such a glam hollywood couple - especially in the car. i love the scarf and glasses! :)

how did fringe do? we know that either way, jay is a "winner" to all of us. :)

Tori Higa said...

by the way - you look gorgeous in that green dress - don't listen to that michael kid!

Anamaria said...

You both look fabulous! :) Looks like u guys had a day full of fun and I agree about the limo. I'd rather go with the other option as well :) can't wait to see u!

KFell said...

"I'd rather get a bounce house than ride in that for an hour" = Why Jay is awesome.

Susan said...

so with your husband on the bounce house comment! you look so pretty!

libbydibby said...

Thanks for the compliments, girls... We had a great time, even if J didn't win. :( we got really sick the week following and lamely passed up our opportunity to go to the Fox after party for the " big" Emmys. At the time it seemed better to go eat ravioli in a warm restaurant, wearing
jeans not heels... But the next morning I woke up wishing I hadn't passed up my opportunity to see all those DRESSES!



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