Thursday, August 13, 2009

50 things about me

I've gotten that list called "25 things about me" from at least 50 people and have never really taken the time to write one of my own. So if you've ever sent me one of your lists, I've read it, but never responded back... so now that it's not en vogue, I'm doing it... go figure. Anyhow, I kept writing and then realized I had 50 instead of 25. So there. Now you'll never ask me again.
here goes.1- I don't like camping. At least not the kind of camping that makes you cool and outdoorsy.

2 -I don't like taking the same way to drive places. I'm always up for exploring a new way to somewhere I'm going.

3 -I love socks that clash.

4 - I secretly want to wear shoes that are mismatched and call it a fashion statement.

5- I wear my hair different every day. Varying between about 12-15 different styles and each one of them doesn't take me longer than about 10 minutes. I like variety, but i am also impatient.

6- I am obssessive about washing my face every night. (it's one of the reasons camping doesn't appeal to me)

7- I am a complete eyebrow plucking fanatic, but I never notice eyebrows on other people.

8- I have missed less than 5 days of showering since I had kids. (blast that stereotype!)

9- I'm almost completely certified to do foster care. (expect to hear news from us this coming year!)

10- I've worked as a sushi waitress (while pregnant), a children's ministry director and a mom - all while owning and running my own business.

11- I've sold over 1000 Libby Dibby skirts. And packaged each and shipped them out all by myself.

12- I have a thing for vistaprints.

13- Fabric shops make me salivate. Literally.

14- I LOVE grocery delivery and wouldn't have survived the past 4 years without it.

15- Coffee is very important to me. There have been times in my life where I have fasted from coffee and I would walk around the house with a hot mug of water - just to help my hand feel the need a little less.

16 - I'm not a good housekeeper.

17 - I think my creativity requires a little messiness. There's nothing like having 4000 inspirational things lying around my studio to cause gears to get going.

18 - I traded jewelry with a friend of my mother in law's for sewing lessons.

19 - I was Captain of the Tall Flags team in high school. I still get made fun of for that.

20 - I have indeed (see above) worn gold spandex with sequins on it.

21- My favorite person in the whole world is my husband, Jay.

22 -Pens. Sharpies. V-ball. (nuf said)

23- Polka dot. everything. and Red.

24 - I'm not athletic. But I loved riding horses (English and Western) as a kid.

25 - I think i have made the bed three times since having kids. what's the use?

26- Jay and I use about 6 pillows every night to sleep. It's like sleeping in a display window.

27- I am a terrible flirt. It's a wonder that we ever started dating.

28 -I don't know about love at first sight, but I do believe in marrying your soul mate.

29 - I love parks.

30 - I don't love concerts - except when they are in parks.

31- Traffic does not bother me.

32- I listen to news-radio, but I never hear what they are saying - it's the ultimate "unplugging" of my brain.

33 - I have 10 (maybe more) pairs of red shoes.

34- I have at least 50 things on my creative "to-do" list, but nothing on my "goal" list.
I guess I like things the way they are right now...

35 - I am not political. I hate debates.

36- I want to go back to India.

37- I have a mediocre singing voice - if there are at least 3 people singing with me.
I once sang a solo in a school play. (it sucked)

38- No one called me creative until college. (I showed little sign of creativity up to that point)

39 - I was a bookworm as a kid. Mom actually took away my books sometimes in the summer to make me go outside and play.

40 - I've done archeology in Israel, digging up the palace complex of Herod Agrippa.

41- I hate fog.

42- I will NOT go to a high school reunion of my own. no way.

43 - I fill 5-6 journals a year.

44- I am afraid of birds.

45- I've never smoked a cigarette, but have had my fair share of cigars while in college.

46 - In my corporate time of life, (age 21-26) I drove a silver Dodge Intrepid company car. I hated it.

47 - At two different points in my life, I've been a vegetarian - once for a year, and once for 2 years. I am not now, but I call myself a "recovering vegetarian"

48 - I have written close to 300 poems. Jay is the only person to have seen all of them.

49 - I don't do white. I'm much too messy for that.

50 - I got my nose pierced in 1997 - right before graduating from college - after deciding it was going to look better than shaving my head. I still have it pierced. I'd like a tattoo, but can't decide on what to get.


Mod Podge Amy said...

pHey girl! This was very fun to read. Love it! We have a lot in common. Particularly:

#3 - I LOVE holiday socks all year round
#7 - have a mirror and tweezers in the car for stoplights
#23 - i wear polka dots almost every day, of some kind
#26 - have five on my bed, use almost all of them
#30 - OMG, SO feel the same! I have a hard time going to them
#42 - right there with you.

Great getting to know you! I have to do this too. . and congratulations on selling so many skirts. That is a major accomplishment and you should be VERY proud!

Tori Higa said...

love it! so fun! there are so many new things i learned - yet so many "old" things i already knew that was fun to read... :)



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