Monday, July 13, 2009

Stealth inspiration photos.

Or maybe not so stealth, but I love my iphone for making it easier to capture pictures of inspirational things much more discreetly. When we were in Italy, there were so many clothes and women dressed in things I wanted pictures of - and as a tourist, it was easy to not offend - people wouldn't know that I was taking their pic. But here at home, it's nice to be a little discreet.
Regardless, here are some pictures from all over the place of clothing that has inspired me this summer.
Look at this gingerbread house purse... isn't it so fun?
I am not a purple fan, but I did love the drape of the dress and the combination of the mint color with the purple was really striking as we walked down the street in Venice.

Everything in this store looked like something I wanted in a bad way.
It also looked like I'd be paying it off the rest of my life. But someday, (you know, next week, when I return to Venice in my dreams!) I would love to go shopping in this lovely place.
Why can't I get enough patchwork? I think this was in Florence.

This one is my favorite of all the dresses I saw this summer. It's in a shop called "God Save the Queen" in Florence, Italy.

This was on an older woman in Seattle. Maybe that's why I liked it even more. A bold choice and she was no fashionista, but I liked the skirt a lot and I liked her for wearing it.
I don't do white. But I'd love to make this for myself in a different color.


Anonymous said...

Oooh... that white dress is really great!

libbydibby said...

It is, isn't it. want to come over and make one?

Anamaria said...

I love it too and it would double great as a tunic too. Also the long pachwork one is great. All of them are beautiful!!!!! Oh, I really want to make one! Seriously! I was just looking thru my closet the other day and there are no dresses or skirts (except the wonderful and famous libbydibby wrap skirt) that fits! It would be much more fun to make one than buy it :) Thank u so much for sharing these photos Libby! They are beautiful inspiration! :)

Anamaria said...

Yeah and I could see why you'd want to go shopping in that store! I would too in a heart beat! :) Gorgeous fabrics too! The pachwork top is soooo cool, hip and chic and it would look great even in a empire dress variation, much more forgiving on our waists and a modern twist on a medieval inspiration! I could go on and on! :)I would definitely attempt to make one. How would you make a pattern for something like that though? Oh and I think the pinstripes are a must! ;) It brings all the patterns together beautifully, yet it remains the focal point -crisp, vibrant and elegant! Great eye Libby! It has your name all over it! I can see why it caught your attention! :)



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