Sunday, July 5, 2009

Get some of it

So while we are up in Seattle on vacation, I'm scrolling through my images on my phone and wanted to post this for you all... Kids sleeping in the back of the car after a day at the space needle... Peaceful music on... And this image seems sweet to share.
If you saw the images from my home tour a few months ago, you'd see that I love letters, signs and typography... I love words, poetry, all of it. We have many "W"s monogramming our home -what a fun letter to have... I like it's symmetry visually. The kids both have their initials all through their rooms...
But when I was in anthropologie the other day (with my pal Amy)... I was looking at this sweet room setup and loved the word "REST"... Which is a word I've loved. I also love the words COMFORT and LAUGH. What are some words you love?


Tori Higa said...

i love the words "joy" and "gratitude"

"comfort" and "laugh" are good ones, too...

Anonymous said...

my words today would be: CONTENT, PEACEFUL and GRACE!



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