Thursday, June 11, 2009

Inspiration: Where does it come from and where does it go?

My head hasn't really re-engaged here in California yet. I'm still having dreams about Italy and cathedrals, adventures, and travel every night.  J is still off work for one more day, so the vacation hasn't HAD to end really...
Tonight, I dusted off the sewing machine.  I didn't expect much, just to get reaquainted, perhaps...
Especially when I didn't really even miss the machine, when I thought I would... so I began tonight with a stack of J's shirts that he'd given to me to get rid of before the trip. I literally had them neatly stacked in the hallway for the entire time we were gone, and for the 6 days since we've been back... but I got all these ideas... and I turned 3 of daddy's shirts into 3 skirts and 3 pairs of shorts tonight that are so fun for the kids. I didn't plan them this way, they just happened. (The blue set will stay with our kids and the rest will go to Sewing Seeds)
Here is tonight's question... how do these - and their lighthearted inspiration -  from a stack of shirts that have stumped me all week... come from THIS?


Kimmie said...

Oh I love your skirts and shorts. Want to come to my house and teach me how? I'll make tea/coffee and scones.

Your photos are beautiful.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

libbydibby said...

Thanks Kimmie!
I am loving thinking about how your daughter will be taking these to little kids. And I am actually getting together some gals together for a night to make a boatload!

I'm mostly doing shorts right now, figuring that the skirts are easier and usually more fun - so I bet most people make the skirts... and we don't want to have all skirts and no shorts!
Shorts are tricky at first, but they get easier and easier.
I finished another skirt and 2 more shorts last night... I plan on a few more over the next few days - then we'll get the skirts on!

oh - and if you are able to magically find a way to transport me... I'm pretty sure you live nowhere near to Los Angeles, I will gladly come over for coffee and scones to share my patterns.

(after all, I traded jewelry for sewing lessons about 4 years ago... and it was so worth it. ... I LOVE scones.)



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