Friday, May 29, 2009

thanks to Italy...

It wouldn’t be fair to not mention something about the way Italy shaped my sister, this being her blog and all! As Tori mentioned, in college, she took a summer course in Italy. All art classes, if I remember correctly. I think this was a critical point for her – stirring up an appreciation not only for what other artists create, but also what she is capable of creating. I know that was a magical experience for her. She tried new things, and was challenged way outside of her comfort zone. Until her time there, I don’t think that she fully identified the creativity with which she is blessed. And even still, seeing her now, I realize that back then, she had barely scratched the surface.
If you are reading this blog, chances are that you value her creativity. You have Italy to thank for much of that!!!

Since I don't have a photo from her Italy trip, here’s the most recent pic of us with our fabulous mom, from Mother’s Day. Oh, and Mom also wrote about Lib's Italy trip here

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