Thursday, May 14, 2009

iPhone love

You all know how much I love my iPhone. I use it to blog from the playground, the coffee shop... everywhere I go. It makes my life so happy. So I decided to make my iPhone happy recently.

I made it a little case. Only the first one wasn't right. Neither was the second. Then I decided I was having too much fun making these and made up a whole batch of them. (None of them are good enough to sell with any confidence... if you want one, look up "phone wallet" on etsy, there are lots of cute and inexpensive ones there!)

Still, some of my friends (and sisters) are being gifted with these happy little deals.

1 comment:

KFell said...

I took mine to the beach today! So hey, I just mentioned your blog on my blog for a silly little blog award that my friend passed down to me. Feel free to continue the chain of giving the award (as outlined on my blog), or you can just feel special for getting it, and call it a day. :-)



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