Monday, April 27, 2009

Today's task... New baby ideas

Whenever I take dinner to families with new babies, I like to do put it into a reusable grocery bag for them to keep - no new momma should have to figure out whose bowl/bag etc is whose... Just getting dressed is hard enough!
I also like to include a handmade gift. Today's package includes chicken tacos, fruit salad, Spanish rice and a baby swaddle blanket. My babies were huge and when they came home from the hospital already didn't fit all the cute swaddle blankets we'd been given... A friend gave me one of these and I called her up begging for more. She obliged and then began making them for me to give as gifts... And now I do the same... Just get cute flannel and serge (if you have a serger; the edges are the key to being good swaddlers). I make them 36"x36" and sometimes larger - much bigger than your standard swaddle blanket on the market. :)
If you aren't so inclined to make them, I make them and sell them on etsy too... For cheap enough that you can stash a few and stick them into your next homemade meal delivery.


Tsscrapin said...

What an awesome Idea!!! The gift and delivering it a reusable bag.

libbydibby said...

your other comment somehow disappeared... but I responded to it on the fabric giveaway post...

I'm so happy you will be using the fabric to make your MOPS steering friends, happy... I've been trying to figure out what I was going to give to my table AND steering!



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