Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Aunt Shirley!

My dad's Aunt Shirley is the only person left in her generation in my family. All of my amazing grandparents passed away a number of years ago... but Aunt Shirley, my paternal grandfather (Papa Lew)'s eldest sister is the remaining matriarch of the family.  We don't see her much as my dad relocated to LA before I was born and the rest of the family is on the East Coast... (Brooklyn and Boca!)... but we did fly out 2 years ago for her 100th birthday celebration. Aunt Shirley turned 102 this week!
Dad flew out to be with her on her birthday, which was really special, but wasting away here in pneumonia-ville - we were even a little late with her gift and card. 
Which left me with the question, "What do you give to a 102 year old for her birthday?" And as I thought about it... and packed the box, otherwise filled with drawings of balloons and cousins from the Design Director, a homemade lavender eye pillow, and a card... I decided.... Aunt Shirley gets a new bag. I mean every girl - age 2 or 102 likes a new bag, right?
So here is the bag that I made for my Great Aunt Shirley. (tutorial in the works tonight!)  I thought about ease and springtime and hoped that perhaps she could use it to carry a nice book or letters to some windows to read... Though I know you won't be reading this blog, Aunt Shirley, I hope you love the bag and I hope you know it was made with love for you and all you are.

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