Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Have a latte. a really soft one.

I was fishing around on Facebook the other night and saw that one of my friends makes knitted food as toys. Seriously, the cutest stuff.  The sad part is that I found out because she is as concerned about the CSPCIA as I am. (Read the link to find out why I won't be able to sell baby slings, blankets, or baby skirts in less than a month unless something happens)
When I have more time, I can try to post about that...

but for now - I had to share the pieces that I commissioned from her. They are literally melting my heart... The mug is for me. The other is for a friend of mine who is a Starbucks RED CUP junkie. She has a stack of them at home that she uses for her own personal Starbucks-at-home lattes.  I felt she needed one of these and almost burst with excitement when I gave it to her. 
I think I might have overwhelmed her with my excitement - but I thought this was the funniest thing ever.  My kids are begging for lattes of their own.  Aren't you? 
(order them quickly, I think the CSPCIA gets enacted Jan 31. Which also means I may have to stop selling the spinny skirts and slings by then, as well - unless something happens)

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Catherine said...

the new law might have it's heart in the right place but it's brain is well, uhm ... not involved?

Anyway, I wonder ... can she sell them with a BIG sticker that says NOT A TOY? You know that the intention is for adults to enjoy as a knick knack? Or a "gag" gift?



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